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An exterior wrap can temporarily change the colour of your vehicle whilst protecting the original paint from scratches, with 1000s of vinyl and finishes to choose from the possibilities with a full vinyl wrap are endless.

Full Exterior Wrap

(Including shuts and returns)

Alongside a full exterior wrap, you have the option to continue the wrap colour on the inner side of the doors/boot and also inside the door shut itself.

Partial Wraps

A partial wrap gives you the ability to make subtle changes to your car. Popular installations include contrast roofs, door handles, wing mirrors and bonnet stripes.


Our De-chroming service offers a fantastic alternative to replacing expensive manufacturer parts with new Gloss Black Parts. With the option to pick and choose specific items which you wish to customise it’s a great way to transform a car without changing the colour. Alongside De-Chroming, we can offer our paint services to make unwrappable items like badges and complex grilles gloss black at the same time.

Window Tints

We offer a full range of Tints from Light Smoke, Factory Privacy and Full Limo, prices are subject to vehicle requirements.

Example Colours

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